Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Give Mia Holiday Giveaway!

It's that time again!  In the spirit of holiday giving I'm giving away one dozen cookies to one lucky winner!
The prize will probably look something like this(but no guarantees on that because seriously....I could lose my mind by the end of this contest and start making Easter Bunny and 4th of July just never know):

It's so easy to enter....all you have to do is comment on this blog post with an answer to this question:

"What is the most memorable Christmas gift that you've received....either from childhood or adulthood?"
...and don't forget to include your name & email address!

You entry should look (something) like this:
Rob Hogue
My most memorable Christmas gift is from when I was 23 years old and Katie said YES when I asked her to marry me on Christmas Eve.  My wife is seriously awesome and extremely talented.  She's always right about everything and I am so lucky to be married to her.  She even looks perfect in the mornings when she wakes up after 2 hours of sleep because she was baking all night and has flour in her hair and icing on her sweatpants. 

Rob wrote that, I swear.


So if you've already ordered Christmas cookies from me(aren't you sweet!) then your win could count towards your current purchase...or you could take the extra dozen(who doesn't need 12 more cookies at the holidays!)

This contest is even for those of you who live out of town!  Because if the winner is not local in the Pittsburgh area, I'll ship these cookies to ya!  (just not out of the country).

Either way....just ENTER to win!  It'll be fun, I swear!  And encourage your friends to enter, too!!  You can even share this blog post on your facebook page by clicking the little facebook icon at the bottom of this post. The winner will be chosen by using on Sunday 12/16/12 at 6 pm.  For the official rules look right here:
  • Entries will be accepted from Wednesday 12/12 at 7:00 pm EST until Sunday 12/16 at 6 pm EST.   Entries received after the specific time period will not count. Sorry, procrastinators!
  • Prize:  One dozen Holiday cookies or the value of one dozen Holiday cookies to be deducted from your existing Christmas order.
  • How you will receive the prize:  If you live locally in the Pittsburgh area then we can set up a time where I can deliver the cookies or of course you could pick them up, too!  Otherwise, the cookies will be shipped via FedEx or Priority Mail. I can only ship to U.S. residents! Shipment will be sent on 12/17.
  • Only 1 entry allowed per person (see entry instructions above)
  • The winner will be notified via email, I'll post it on Give Mia Cookie's facebook page, and I'll post it on the blog, too.  Basically...I'll find you :)
  • Email addresses will not be used for any other purpose other than to notify the winner
  • The winner will be chosen randomly using 
  • I reserve the right to delete any posts due to profanity, etc. Keep it clean, kids.
Good luck and thanks so much for reading my blog... 
You all make my day :)


  1. Trinity Truair
    The most special Christmas I have had was when I was 18. My parents had unexpectedly moved to Texas two weeks beforehand. The people I had in my life at that time showed me so much love, support, and compassion. They all did so much for me, even though I wasn't their own. They took me in, shared their families with me, and also bought me gifts. I am still truly greatful for them all.

  2. Tamara Kozak
    My most memorable Christmas present was a Cabbage Patch Kid doll when I was little. My parents are both deceased but thinking of this story always makes me smile. They didn't hide it under the tree. It was the only present I wanted. After I opened all my presents I said oh well, I guess Santa didn't have enough dolls. My mom pointed out some ashes on the floor. She had made a trail of ashes to where she hid the present. I was totally shocked and will never forget!

  3. Missy Wayne
    The best Christmas gift I've gotten came early this year on November 18 at 9:53pm. My little miracle was born. Will was supposed to be born on Christmas day but due to IUGR, he was induced to come early. My little peanut spent 3 weeks away from us in the NICU but came home this week. We couldn't be more blessed this Christmas to have our baby with us, happy and completely healthy. He is definitely our little blessing.

  4. Heather Parker

    My most memorable Christmas gift would have to be the very first Christmas gift my husband gave me. We were only dating for two months at the time. When I opened it up it was a beautiful gold necklace with a diamond on it. As he was helping me put the necklace on, his mother smiled and said to take good care of the necklace. I looked a little puzzled and my husband smiled and said, it's my moms diamond from her engagement ring. She gave it to him to make out of a necklace for me. My father in law had gotten her a new ring. I never felt so loved and accepted then I did that night. And since that day, 12 years ago, I'm so thankful I have my husband and family.

  5. Mandy Toy

    My favorite Christmas memory was last year because Clara (4) and Ava (3) finally understood how this whole Christmas and Santa thing worked. I just loved seeing the joy and excitement of Christmas through their eyes. As much as I love the holidays, there is nothing quite like enjoying those special times with children!

  6. Brandi Budris

    When I was little my dad worked at the airport and he would always work on Christmas eve. Before he would go into work he would tell us that his co-worker called and said that Santa's sleigh would be landing soon so he had to get to work in order to help Santa. I grew up thinking my dad had a part in Santa bringing present to everyone.

  7. Lisa Tucker

    My best Christmas was last year. My son who serves in the United States Army was deployed in Afghanistan. I was so sad and I missed him so much that I didn't even want to set up our Christmas tree. Communication was poor and I rarely heard from him. About 4:30a.m. on Christmas morning my phone rang. It was my son calling from a satellite phone while he was on a mission to wish us a Merry Christmas and tell us how much he loved his family and wished he could be home so we could all be together. That was worth more than any gift I could ever receive!

  8. Beth passerrello
    My most memorable christmas gift was a doll house that my dad built from scratch that looked just like our house. It was awesome!!!

  9. Mine is nowhere nearly as sentimental as those above me, but my most memorable Christmas gift was when I was probably aged 6 to 8 (not sure, but that was a BARBIE Christmas!) I got the mobile home, the Corvette & the townhouse! Boy did I love Barbie & boy, was I psyched! I've had your cookies at our mutual cousin, Megan Kochin's house & I've oohed & aahed over all of your pictures. You cookies taste the BEST and you are extremely talented! Merry Christmas!
    Jen Majcher

  10. Kristena Macala

    My best Christmas gift was two years ago. My twins were 6 months old and it was their first Christmas. Their birthday is in June and their birthstone is a pearl. My husband gave me blue pearl earrings and a blue pearl necklace. He also gave me a pink pearl bracelet. The pink and blue are because my twins are boy/girl. It was so thoughtful and unexpected.

  11. Leslie Blunkosky

    When I was in fourth grade, I received my first puppy Simone...she was in a christmas box and had a red bow around her underneath the Christmas tree.she was such a special dog and we all miss her dearly.

  12. Amy Mattila

    Lol, Kristena we think alike! Definitely my most memorable Christmas was bringing my twin girls home almost two years ago just in time to put them under the Christmas tree!!

  13. Jennifer Smith

    My best Christmas present ever is my husband! We began dating on December 20, 1996. He is my best friend and the love of my life! The holidays mean so much and are truly tied to our family! We learned we were pregnant with our son shortly after Christmas 2006. We married in December 2009. Who would have thought that the gift of him in my life, back in 1996, would be the gift that keeps on giving for many Christmas's to come!

  14. I have a few great Christmas memories. Childhood was a new banana seat bike right on front if the tree with a bug bow. It was really cold outside but my dad took me out to ride anyway. My Stevie also proposed to me on Christmas Eve while it was snowing in the casebook at Mon City Park! Next in general all the big eyes and open mouths of my kids on Christmas mornings-that is what I miss the most-big kids are not as fun. Merry Christmas!

    1. Ok....forgot name above.
      Debbie Staffen

  15. Rachelle Edwards
    My favorite present was when I was around 9. I sure did love it, but that isn't why it was my favorite present. Now that I am a parent I have even more appreciation for it. I got a gameboy from my mom. My mom didn't have a lot of money at all. Now, I know how hard she worked to save to get me that gameboy. I think of it every Christmas with the hustle and bustle of everything and when I get things for my own children and hope one day they can have appreciation for moments like that in life. <3

  16. Courtney Orth

    My favorite was when the boys became old enough to be as excited as they were a couple years ago. Watching the babies in the bouncers just smiling at the tree. Having my family together and seeing the kids light up was the best gift ever.

  17. My favorite Christmas present was my embroidery machine last year - Now I really feel old ;)

  18. Stephanie Marshall

    My favorite Christmas gift was 2 years ago when I found out I was having twins!

  19. My favorite Christmas memory is now watching my son enjoy Christmas :) I love giving to others and to see his happiness is all I need anymore :) this will be his second Christmas and I'm soo excited!!


  20. Gretchen Dieter
    my most memorable Christmas present was last year when I got to be at the hospital and see my grandson just after he was born (even if it was a couple of days after Christmas) When my granddaughter was born, her parents lived in Texas so I didn't get to be there.

  21. Pamela Kenavy

    My most memorable gift was when I was about 10 my sister and I got our own record player and a ton of albums to go with it, including Dolly Parton. We would sit for hours and sing Dolly Parton songs together. I laugh about it now, but at the time it was the best gift ever!

  22. Sarah Ogle
    My most memorable Christmas gift was 6 weeks before my 8th birthday. We, my sisters and I, had finished opening our presents and my parents said there was 1 more gift hanging in the back of the tree. It was a Mickey Mouse ornament! We were going to Disney world. 6 weeks later, I celebrated my 8th birthday dancing with Cinderella in her castle!

  23. Karley Staffen

    My most memorable Christmas gift is the reminder every year of how lucky I am to have such a close, loving family. I love having everyone together in one place.

  24. Elizabeth Couchman

    I still remember when I was little my parents got us a Nintendo. I thought it was the coolest gift ever. My siblings and I played that all day! I remember playing Mario Brothers with my father and how my older sister would beat me every single time. It is just a really happy memory of mine. :) Plus every Christmas with my children is memorable and wonderful. So blessed!

  25. Stephanie Fisher

    I feel that every gift that I receive is memorable and mean all the same to me because it is the thought that someone went out of their way to get me something that they think I will like. It is such a great feeling to have so many family and friends to receive gifts from but the most fun for me is to give gifts to others!

  26. Kelly Gilmore

    My favorite Christmas present was a diamond tennis bracelet from my husband... He hid it in my stocking... And since Santa doesn't leave mom or dad presents in their stocking at our house... I literally didn't find it until 2 weeks after Christmas when I started packing up the decorations!

  27. Katie Brenning

    I would say the best gift I recieved ( that I can remember) would be my kindle. Love that thing-goes everywhere with me.