Sunday, February 12, 2012

Zig Zags

Has anyone else been seeing this pattern called Chevron ALL over the place?  It's super-trendy right now....and I love it!  I think I'll just stick with calling it zig zags, though.  "Chevron" just sounds too fancy for me.

I would REALLY love to have this iphone case!  The color is so pretty!

cute thank you cards!

I love anything gray!

Of course I wanted to translate the pattern onto some cookies and I think it looks really cool. 

These were for Rob's Valentine's Day gift! Awwwww....

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  

Monday, February 6, 2012

Place your bets!

I had a crazy weekend.

First of all, my vacuum cleaner broke for real so I had to go out and spend too much money on a new one.  That really bummed me out.  I just had to whine to someone about that.

But THEN....I managed to pull off an amazing surprise party for my mom on her 60th birthday!  My sisters and I have been planning this party for awhile now and I've been a nervous wreck about it.  There were so many elements of surprise including guests flying in from out of town, a limo for the night out, and of course the actual party at the Meadows Casino.  I don't think my mom could've emotionally handled much more. lol.

Onto the cookies:  I obviously decided on casino themed cookies and I LOVED how they turned out.  I've never made any casino cookies before, but was fun!  Fun colors, cool designs....simple but really cute!

I only had one cookie to make the 777 design work....and I think it looks great for my first attempt!

poker cute!
 I went to order the cake at Bethel Bakery and I just wasn't happy with any of the general cake designs that I had to choose from.  As much as I love Bethel Bakery cake I just don't love their decorations.  They seem outdated to me sometimes.  I wanted something fun without having to spend an extra $30 on a custom designed cake decoration. 

So I know what?  Just give me the cake with plain white icing and I'll figure something out.   So when I picked up the plain white cake on Friday night I started freaking out.  I needed to decorate a cake for the first time in my life and I was stressed.  So I went with what I know....and I decorated the cake with decorated cookies! 

I added chocolate coins from Betsy Ann!  Perfect!

My mom had the most amazing birthday and we had a really fun time at the casino.  I was really hoping to win back the $$$ I spent on a vacuum cleaner....and....

I didn't.  No surprise there!

But a fun night was had by all...and that's all that matters!  And what a hangover we all had the next day. Ugh....

Gotta love a limo stocked with champagne! 

Happy 60th mom!

Apparently your mom still loves when you make her an art project at age 29 lol. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl cookies that aren't black and gold.....strange.

Big game today! 

I feel like I cheated on the Steelers this week by creating these cookies. 

I'm really just hoping for a good game today.  I totally lied right there.  I'm absolutely hoping that the Patriots get blown out by the Giants because I'm just NOT a Patriots fan AT ALL.  And really really not a Tom Brady fan. 

So I'm showing my support for the Giants this weekend by serving these cookies at my Superbowl party.  I secretly really enjoyed working on another team's logo and I thought they came out really nice! 

Hope everyone enjoys the game...and the commercials, too!