Friday, July 27, 2012


I have a confession to make.  I don't like the Olympics. 

Anyone still here?  You don't hate me for being so un-American? 

Don't get me wrong...I'm a big fan of patriotism.  I sometimes cry when I hear the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events and I'm diligently trying to teach Mia the pledge of Allegiance.  (WITH "God Bless America" at the end....that's how I was taught and that's just how it should be. Period.)

So every 4 years when the Olympics come around I always feel like...this might be the year.  Maybe, just maybe I'll get it into this year.  And then I don't. 

There is a glisten of hope this year...all because of cookies!  I got a request for Olympics cookies and it gave me a chance to translate something I don't really love into something sugary and sweet!  So maybe I've turned a new leaf and I'm an Olympics fan after all.  Or maybe I'm still just a fan of cookies.  Either way, GO USA! 

And while we're on the topic of confessions....I need to tell you this, too.  I DESPISE Shark Week and how everyone gets excited about it.  But that's a topic for another day.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

With a cherry on top!

I just became an aunt for the 9th time three weeks ago!  My newest little niece Callie lives in Texas and I couldn't wait to make some cookies to welcome her.  When I was out shopping last week I came across this cute little set of bibs... and as soon as I saw them I just knew that they would be the perfect inspiration for Callie's cookies.  I'm a big fan of navy blue these days (as you'll see when I reveal Mia's 2nd birthday party next month...eeeeeee!!!!  I'm so excited!!).  Navy blue, especially in girly patterns, is just kind of unexpected...and I like that.  So like I said, these bibs just jumped out at me and I got straight to work on designing cookies to match them.

I decided to use just the accent colors of the bibs and actually not the navy blue.  I made the green more of the focus color and I'm so happy that I did that.  Green can be girly, too! I think my decision worked well....I just adore these cookies.  I don't know if it's the simplicity of the cherries, or the clean lines of the cupcakes....but everything in this little collection just worked and I love when that happens. 

All of my nieces and nephews are as sweet as cupcakes...and Callie is the cute little cherry on top!  I'm a proud aunt :) 

Isn't she just as sweet as a sugar cookie!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

It was my idea

Well I suppose that most bloggers post their July 4th desserts prior to the holiday because they've had so much time to create mock trials of each ingredient and photograph it a week before their picnic.  Well that's obviously not me because here it is July 5th and I'm posting my picnic desserts from yesterday.  Whatevs.

So here's the story of my July 4th desserts.  I've been seeing a lot of creative cookie cutter uses on Pinterest lately.  I knew that I wanted to make a pound cake strawberry shortcake for my family picnic but it sounded kinda boring, ya know?  Well all I did was just cut a couple of slices of pound cake into stars and displayed them with the regular slices of cake.  My family pretty much thought I was a genius....either that or they overly compliment me because they think I'm insane and need the kindness.   Again, whatevs.

almond pound cake, vanilla frozen yogurt, Cool Whip, strawberries, and a cookie! A classic 4th of July dessert!

Mia's dessert.  She got sprinkles :)
So the morning of the 4th I was crazy busy working on other cookie orders.  Unlike most other people my place of work did not shut down when the holiday fell on a Wednesday. (Was it super weird that it was on a Wednesday this year or is it just me?).  Anyway, we were sitting at the breakfast table enjoying our red/white/blue pancakes courtesy of Rob, and I'm like "I think I should make cookies for today, too."  I mean I had like no extra time but I just knew that I had to make cookies because when I show up somewhere or have people at my house  they kind of expect it I think.  Like if I walk in empty-handed someone will ask me..."Do you need help getting anything from the car?" or when they walk in my house and I say I didn't make cookies people just kinda of stare at me and don't really know what to say.  It's uncomfortable and I know it's my fault because I have always gone overboard with cookies for family events and that can't just stop because I have to make hundreds for other people these days.

So I'm like....ok I'll just make some really basic cookies....but I ask Mia and Rob for some design ideas just to get some input.  I don't like to repeat holiday designs year to year so I wanted to do something a little bit fun.  So Rob says the word "Paisley" and I kind of shrug it off...but on the inside I just loved the idea.  Sometimes I like to act like I don't hear some of the ideas that he has and then hours later I'll act like I came up with the best idea ever and it makes him so mad.  That's marriage for ya. So back to the point....Paisley was my idea.

I had no plan going into designing these....literally we're talking 15 minutes of decorating time.  But like I always say....sometimes quick thinking and limited time to work create the best results.

Hope everyone had a fantastic July 4th!  I guess I'll try to plan ahead for Labor Day designs....any ideas from you?  Leave me a comment!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The horseshoe, the walrus, and the handlebar....oh my!

So I always thought that every guy should have a mustache...because my dad always had one!  It just never crossed my mind that some guys wouldn't want one...or couldn't grow one.  Let's face it...mustaches (or moustaches....a fancier spelling??) are just super-cool. 

me and my dad, circa 1983. Sweet "stache",  Tom!

this picture was taken in the same kitchen that I bake in today!  Minus the wallpaper of course :)

30 years later!  I've never seen my dad a single day without a mustache!
So just a week or so ago I got a somewhat last-minute request for some mustache cookies.  My calendar for the week was crazy full but I just kept thinking about making these cookies and how hilarious it would be.  We were at the lake when I got the email so we all laughed about how silly the mustache cookies would be and Rob kept saying that I should just agree to do it.  Obviously Rob's a supporter of facial hair.  He's had a goatee since like 7th grade and could buy cigarettes and chewing tobacco at the age of 15 without being carded.  Anyyyyway, I started to search online for mustache cookie cutters and I was really lucky to find someone selling them in New York which was only a 2-day shipping time.  So I ordered them and agreed to do the order.

This customer was super-easy to work with because he was so open to my suggestions and just let me design as I wished.  Love when that happens!  He did want the cookies on sticks kind of like masquerade masks where the stick is off centered and you can hold it up to your face.  Brilliant! 

I baked at least 15 extra because I was nervous about the mustaches being too narrow to stay on the stick.  But I supported the back of each cookie with some extra dough and they were really quite sturdy on the stick. 

And then I decorated a bunch of extra ones, too....because they were just so much fun to make!  Mia and I got so many laughs from playing with the extra ones.  She was running around saying "I look like Pap-Pap!!"  And then she looked in the mirror and really shocked herself with what she saw. lol.  She is seriously the funniest kid ever. 

"I look like Pap Pap!"

It took her a second to figure it all out....and then she just ate the cookie

yes yes....I took my picture, too.  I don't even care how silly I look (and seriously exhausted, too!)
The best part ever was when I logged onto my business facebook page the other day and saw this picture that had been posted from someone at the mustache party.  I seriously think it's the best picture ever....everyone and their mustache cookies!  This should SO be framed and be hanging on someone's wall.

Hope you enjoyed!  Have a really great 4th of July!!  I'm making almond pound cake and cutting it into stars with my cookie cutters!  Thank you Pinterest!