Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blame it on the rain

OK, so be honest.  When you read that post title did you
      a. start singing Milli Vanilli. 
      b. think about the episode of Doc McStuffins where the neighbor girl leaves her stuffed cow toy outside
          in the rain


Did you ever notice how many things people blame on the rain?  Like just last week when I was complaining to my mom about how my 2 year old was being sooooo crazy misbehaved and not listening to a single word I said and hitting me and whining and not wanting to go to bed and giving me mean looks and know, being 2...and my mom was all like...."Well it's probably just the rain."  Umm, what?  That's all you got?  Thanks, mom. 

Now unlike blaming crankiness on the rain, I had a problem this week that was actually the rain's fault.  You see, humidity and cookie icing, they're not friends.  Especially when we're talking about black and white icing.  And of course this rainy Pittsburgh week is when I had an order for black and white zebra print cookies.  So I did the best I could by trying to eliminate as much of the humidity as possible from the cookie environment.  But it didn't matter.  This is what I ended up with: can't see the problem?  OK look a little bit closer:

See that color bleeding?  That's the worst.  The first time I ever saw it I thought I was drunk and seeing things all blurry.  But no, it's a real cookie problem.  It's so annoying to put so much time into a cookie design and then let it dry for 8 hours to finally reveal a major problem like this.  And let me tell you...zebra print takes a longggggg time to do.
So the new calm me decided to just fix it and not totally freak out.  There's (almost) always a way to fix a cookie.  I fear the day that I am faced with a cookie that I can't help. 

So my solution was to outline the black one more time and cover the area that had bled.  I actually think that the extra black outline really defines the zebra print and now I think I'll add it onto every zebra print cookie that I make!

I totally feel like the Doc McStuffins for cookies by the way :)  (Don't know who that is?  Think I'm crazy?  Welcome to the world of having a toddler....where you watch Disney Jr. and get excited about a new episode of a cartoon that features talking stuffed animals.)

Have a great week!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Making the cut

Hi cookie lovers :)

So I've been in the best mood lately....I started going to Hot Yoga classes and I'm really starting to love it!  I'm kinda afraid that my entire household might start falling apart and that Mia will stop recognizing me, though.  I mean, before these Yoga classes came into my life I was NEVER away from my house, my child, my husband, and my iphone for an entire hour. No, I'm not exaggerating.  Plus, I'm one of those people that has a brain that never stops going.  I knew that Yoga would be a challenge for me because it dares me to only think about breathing and stuff....not even think about cookies....for a whole hour.  It's crazy how after just 4 or 5 classes it's totally starting to work.  And I enjoy it!  And Rob actually told me that I'm nicer.  Really, Rob?  Is that a compliment?  Truly, though....I do find myself being more tolerant and patient.  And who couldn't use more tolerance and patience in their lives?  I know that all of you who have a 2-year old just yelled AMENNNNNNN at your computer screen.

So when it comes to the cookie business I've had this great attitude of just accepting each week as a challenge and trying not to freak out about certain designs or requests like I used to.  Last week I had a request for some girl dinosaur cookies.  Sounds like fun to me!  I'm always up for a new and fun idea!  So I asked my customer to email me any pictures or party supplies to get some inspiration.  And as soon as I saw the dinosaur on the invitation I just knew that I could match it.  I loved was so cute! image like this dinosaur is the perfect type of image to re-create onto a cookie. 
Here's why: -simple eyes, no shading, clean lines, bright colors
So if you would ever like to pick out an invitation with ordering cookies to match in mind....
those are just a few things to think about :) 

I know that somewhere in my gazillion cookie cutters that I probably had something that would have worked for this shape.  But I just didn't feel like searching through all of them.  So I just printed a picture of the dinosaur on card stock in an appropriate size, cut it out, and traced around it on the cookie dough with a knife.  It's really so easy and it's awesome to get that custom shaped cookie to match your inspiration image. 

I also loved using the pink and white chevron pattern as a backdrop for some name cookies.  And the polka dot #2 cookies tied in all of the colors to make a collection.  These were so enjoyable to make and I'm not sure if it's because I'm this calm yoga-goer now....or because I'm getting more and more comfortable taking on challenges and bringing them to cookie-life.  Either way.....I'm proud if these.
sorry for the really poorly taken photograph here.  It was 6 am and I clearly wasn't awake yet.


I mean, this is the cutest dinosaur ever :)

Have a great week!  I'll check in again soon!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cookies for a fellow blogger!

It's kind of of a big deal to start your own website.  I know that there's a lot of space out there on the Internets but's sorta fun to own your own little corner and be funny and entertain people and stuff.  NO, I'm not talking about me!!!  I'm hardly funny and my entertainment factor is questionable.  Unless you think it's entertaining to read about my crying over cookies.  OK, that is kinda funny. Seriously....what is wrong with meeeee?

I do happen to know some really funny people...and one of them is a very entertaining blogger named Kelly.  Kelly and I went to high school together years ago.  How many years ago I won't say...but I will admit that technology back then wasn't quite sophisticated.  The cool way to listen to music was on your disc-man, computer class was basically about how to use Microsoft Paint, and ...wait for it....high schoolers didn't have cell phones. All of the cool kids had pagers...but my dad wouldn't let me have one because he told me that pagers were only for drug dealers and doctors. I was neither if you were wondering. Technology sure has changed since then.  I think you can even go to high school like virtually or something.  Weird.  But back to the point... Kelly, would you have ever thought that we could each one day own a part of the Internet?  Crazy stuff.

So you really do have to follow Kelly's blog. In the Mom Light is an awesome way to escape the daily pressures and struggles of being a mom.  It gives you a chance to laugh at some crazy kid stories, too!  I'm not going to spoil the fun for you...just go check it out! 

So I'm pretty sure that people from Bethel Park, PA are some of the nicest people ever because another one of our high school friends wanted to send some cookies to Kelly to celebrate the birth of In the Mom Light.  That's where I came in.  I had such a fun time creating these cookies for Kelly.  I just love the design of her colors, too!


You can find In the Mom Light on facebook here: In The Mom Light

Congratulations, Kelly! 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

50 shades of....yellow?

So no, I have not read the 50 shades of grey books.  I don't have a kindle and I'm kinda embarrassed to walk around the lake house with the books (where I do all of my reading and where MY PARENTS are always around).  No thanks,  I really don't want that awkward conversation with my dad when he asks me..."what are you reading?  What's it abaht? (Pittsburgh accent)"

So anyway, this past week was an insanely busy cookie week.  I couldn't help but notice that I used an awful lot of yellow food coloring.  I have a bunch of different yellow food colorings...electric yellow, egg yellow, lemon yellow, soft yellow, gold, etc.  It was funny....because usually when I make a shade of a certain color for one project, I can usually use it for another project, too so it cuts down on how many times I have to mix each color.  But not this week!  Every cookie needed a different shade of yellow and there was no cross-use of any shades. 

the onesie and carriage were part of a set....but I actually made 2 shades of yellow for that project because the first shade was too I had to re-make it. :(

I got smart and made the Penguins cookies on a 5 inch cookie.  Much much easier to decorate the details.

But even with all of that yellow icing it was definitely not all sunshine around here this week.  One of the cookies pictured in these collages made me break down in tears and cry.  Can you guess which one?  Seriously, you'll never guess.

It was this guy:
Winnie. the. freaking. pooh.

Can't understand why icing these cookies made me cry?  Maybe this will help.  Here's a challenge for you:
1.  Google image search "Winnie the Pooh" or grab a Winnie the Pooh book or toy or something that's laying around your house.
2. OK, now get a pencil and paper and try to draw Winnie the Pooh's head.  Does it look kind of weird?  That's because this cartoon has the weirdest shaped head EVER!  It's so lumpy I just can't stand it.
3.  Now that you maybe sort of kinda have the shape right.....draw it 50 more times exactly the same.
4. Seriously if you can do that, you need to contact me asap for a job.

And even after you get the head shape (somewhat) right, now there's the task of adding the face.  His face is sooooo simple that it's ridiculously hard.  There's just no disguising any errors and there's only one color involved so it's nearly impossible to add depth or detail. To make it even more complicated....this order was for the baby version of Winnie the the face is just slightly different then the regular Winnie the Pooh.

To put it simply, this guy is one tough cookie.  I really did can ask my husband.  He walked into my decorating area and probably immediately regretted it because I just broke down and cried for like 5 minutes straight.  And really....Rob's so not-artistic (not that I am, but for real, he can barely draw a stick figure) so he didn't even know what to say.  It was a rough night in our house.  Was the cookie a success? Who knows.  I looked at it for so long that I don't even know if I like it or not at this point.

And just in case you were wondering...I also made lots of cookies with other colors this week, too!  Head over to my facebook page and check out all of the new pictures. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


So these past few weeks have been a little bit difficult for me.  I'm not sure if I'm just in a rut because Mia's birthday party is over and now Labor Day is over...both of those things just seemed to smack me in the face and remind me that summer is coming to a close.  Which  means that lake season will soon be over....and wearing flip-flops will soon be unacceptable(although I have worn them in freezing rain before...not snow, but definitely in freezing rain).  There are some redeeming qualities that fall brings....thankfully there will soon be an amazing lineup of tv shows.  Which ones are you looking forward to?  I would say that my top 3 will be Revenge, Parenthood, and Grey's Anatomy.  And I guess it's nice to be able to open the windows in the house and let some crisp air in.  Other than that....I'd be happy for summer to stay a little (or a lot) while longer.

Labor Day fun :)  Mia and I share nachos wherever we go!

An evening boat-ride to the ice cream shop.  Does it get any better than that? 

Why does summer have to end? I said, I've been in a rut.  I keep telling Rob that I just don't feel motivated lately....and that's very strange for me because usually I'm so inspired and thrilled to be doing my work.  But then just last week I got a last-minute request for some fun running-themed cookies.  Running is something I'm not familiar with. At all.  I ran a 5k once when I was like 10 years old.  The end.  That's my experience with running.

But this running shoe cookie project kind of inspired me to just pick up the pace a little bit and kick my butt back into gear.  People can run 26 miles in a row...without stopping to eat a cookie.  I'm pretty sure that I can handle mixing some icing and creating some spongebob cookies or wedding dresses or whatever!  26 miles!  Without any cookies!  It's amazing. 

These were a replica of Brian's marathon running shoes

his runner number is his birthday ;)

So I'm officially back.  I'm gearing up for the biggest cookie holidays of the year.  I'm stocking up on supplies, making lots of to-do lists, folding bakery boxes, and getting my eyes checked.  Yeah seriously, I think I need to get my eyes checked before making Christmas cookies.  I seem to be slightly losing my once-perfect vision at the ripe old age of 30.  Damn. 

Please stay tuned for lots of fun Halloween designs...and maybe another Halloween cookie giveaway will be in the future!  Thanks for reading!