Monday, August 29, 2011

Some quirky things...

Hi everyone!  I kind of have some down-time today!  The cookie dough for this week's orders is currently chilling....Mia is napping, and I just got done with the last load of laundry in the whole house...what a great feeling that is. 

Since I've been baking so much lately I've noticed a lot of really quirky things about myself as a baker.  First and foremost....I am VERY superstitious by nature.  That definitely contributes to many of these strange habits.  The first thing is that I MUST MUST MUST have the indoor oven light on when I'm baking cookies.  If I forget to turn it on....well let's just say I've been known to throw away a whole tray of cookies before.  For some reason that light just has to be on for me to feel like the cookies are baking properly.   So stupid now that I I'm thinking about it....but I'll never stop doing it.  Never!  My oven is only 4 years old and I've replaced the bulb in there at least a dozen times. lol.

You may see myself and Mia pictured in Give Mia Cookie aprons or Christmas aprons on the blog and facebook page.  But here's the truth....I don't think I've ever actually worn an apron while baking....ever.  I totally should because I ruin so many shirts with extract spills and splattering cookie dough.

Whenever I make thumbprint cookies, it never fails that I put the first tray in WITHOUT MAKING THE THUMBPRINT INDENTATIONS.  It's so frustrating because as I'm mixing and rolling I'm constantly thinking..."don't forget to make the thumbprints...don't forget to make the thumbprints..." and I get so excited to put the first tray in that I always forget.  And since my oven light is always on (lol) I usually notice it fairly quickly and then I have to make the thumbprints into piping hot cookie dough.  Ouch!

Let's see what else....when I cut my parchment paper to line the absolutely MUST be straight.  I will actually get scissors out and straighten the edge before using a crooked piece.  My cookie cutters are unbelievably organized into labeled bins and I actually get a little sad when I have to dig one out from the bottom of a bin because I know that they'll never all fit quite the same way again.  And here's the absolute strangest thing about me as a baker....

My favorite thing about baking cookies is.....

cleaning up.  No, I'm not lying.  I love to clean anyways but there's just something about cleaning up all of the spilled flour and washing all of the bowls and spoons and making sure that my mixer is just makes me really happy :) 

There you have it!  Another blog post completed and Mia is still napping!  What to do with my extra time now?????????

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